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Mission Detail has been in the Studios detailing business for more than 20 years. Our company can do just about anything. We can go to your film location anywhere in the LA and Orange county area. Her are just some of the service we offer. But we can do it all.

Aging and Dulling for camera


                           We can clean and make ready for picture any car, truck or van.


              We can go up as high as a Semi if you need it. Removal of any emblems and tint windows as needed...


    Picture car Clean-up

                    Removal of dulling or aging spray. Reconstruction of picture car interior and exterior components.


    5 and 10 ton clean-ups

                We clean the exterior, including the rims tires and frame. The box is completely swept and vacuumed out. We also clean the cab and windows. 


    Camera Truck clean-up

                   Mission Detail has a knack for these trucks. We clean all the carbon off all the walls in the entire truck. The shelves are vacuumed and the floor is swept and vacuum. the cab is cleaned


     Semi Truck clean-up

               These trucks are clean just as will as the rest. We pay extra attention to the rear frame and axles.


Makeup trailer cleaning

We use a wide variety of products to clean makeup trailer.

All components are meticulously cared for. 


     Actor trailer clean-ups

                  Mission Detail can provide a weekly cleaning service in the area. We also can steam clean carpets and do the final cleaning for return. Washing is available.